Amazing Free Software:
Everything is an amazing indexer and search tool that helps you find your files way faster and easier than searching in file explorer. It's a must for any windows machine.
PowerToys is an experimental suite of tools developed by Microsoft for power users. This brings many awesome features such as advanced windows snapping layouts, a way to lock windows so they always appear on top of other apps, additional supported file types to preview in file explorer, a search feature similar to spotlight on MacOS,  and mouse location features among many other improvements. 
Q-Dir is an advanced file explorer that shows 4  directories at once
Rainmeter is an open-source desktop customization tool that runs on CSS. It has a lively community that makes templates to completely change the look of your OS. It adds many stylish widgets that are completely customizable. If you know CSS then your options for customization are limitless. 
Notepad++ is a powerful open-source text editor with many advanced features. It numbers every line of text making it an excellent app for editing code or even a website. It also features text that changes colors if it recognizes a piece of code. It also features tabs so you can have multiple documents open in the same window. 
Amazing Paid Software: 
PUSH Video Wallpaper is an excellent yet simple video wallpaper software. It works with mp4 files and youtube streams. You can create multiple playlists of video files that can rotate at designated time intervals and can be set to shuffle. It can play audio from the videos or be set to mute. It can also adjust the transparency of your desktop shortcuts by percentage from fully visible to completely invisible. It also has multiple display support so you can set it to span the image across multiple displays or show the same image on each display. DesktopHut is my favorite place to find high-quality video loops.
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